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Obstacles to innovation

What obstacles have held you back from innovating?

  • Fear
  • Opportunity
  • Risk of Failure
  • Self-Doubt
  • Resources
  • Gaps in Training
  • Not Enough Time


*from McMillon Student Team Snapshot, 2019

Rooted in Resiliency

“As a researcher, I am confident in the data backing up our core technology. But bringing it to market is a totally different equation...”

Joseph Batta Mpouma, CEO, CelluDot
PhD candidate, Microelectronics-Photonics; New Venture Development alum; I-Corps participant

“There was a time I felt like I was walking around in circles...It took me time to realize that it is not a circle but a spiral, and every time you feel you finished the circle you actually appear at a new level.”

Olga Khokhryakova
Founder, SameSport.Ru 

...pivoting is hard when you are attached to ideas that you think should be implemented, but embracing change bears more fruit and paves the way for new or even better ideas.”

Odessa Elie,
McMillon Design Team project leader, Enactus

“...everything suddenly falls apart, chaos erupts within the team, and you temporarily lose your footing, but by trusting the process, exhibiting patience, and asking for help, everyone will learn from the process.”

Chris Enslin,
McMillon Design Team project leader


Rooted in Support

Anonymous Donors
Arkansas Executive Forum
Ramsay Ball
Kelly & Steve Barnes
BioVentures, LLC
Clete & Tammy Brewer
Jerry & Kay Brewer 
Steve & Jamie Clark
Endeavor NWA
Frank & Judy Fletcher
Sonny Gosain 

Grit Studios 
Innovate Arkansas
Kraft-Heinz Corporation
Greg & Hannah Lee
Doug and Shelley McMillon
McMillon Studio Mentors
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
New Venture Development Mentors
Northwest Arkansas Council

Sam’s Club
Social Innovation Community Partners
Startup Junkie
Bob & Janet Ryan Stegall
The Station (Teen Action Support Center)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
University of Arkansas Partners
Permjot Valia
Walton Family Foundation
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Wright Lindsey Jennings