Expert Office Hours

1:1 Expert Consulting. Any student. Any stage in your idea. 

Virtual & By Appointment for Fall 2020

Students and alums may reserve 1:1 consulting time with experts in the areas of branding and marketing, technology assessment, incorporation, seed funding, accounting, and more. One hour appointments are available. This new program is offered in partnership with mentors from Startup Junkie Consulting, Innovate Arkansas, Endeavor NWA, Wright Lindsey Jennings, and University of Arkansas Technology Ventures.

To request time with one of our experts, email to make an appointment. 


Our Experts:

David Hinton, MBA, PhD

David Hinton, MBA, PhD

Acting Executive Director Technology Ventures
  • Intellectual Property
  • Licensing
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Business Model Development
Meredith Lowry

Meredith Lowry

Patent Attorney at Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP
  • Patent, trademark, and copyright acquisition
  • Technology and data licensing
  • E-commerce agreements
Tom Douglass

Tom Douglass

Entrepreneur in Residence at Fuel Accelerator

Douglas Hutchings

Douglas Hutchings

Director, Arkansas Research Alliance Academy
  • technology evaluation
  • financing new ventures (stolen from Sarah)
  • customer discovery/development
  • b2b sales
Sarah Goforth

Sarah Goforth

Executive Director, Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, U of A
  • Business model development
  • Financing new ventures
  • Marketing and communications
  • Technology commercialization
Bjorn K. Simmons

Bjorn K. Simmons

Managing Partner, The Minority Business Xcellerator; Founder, Venture Noire 

  • Pitching & Raising Capital
  • B2B Sales & Commercialization
  • Strategy Development & Growth Plan Implementation
  • Marketing, Branding, & Network Building
  • Market Diversification & Inclusivity
Jeff Amerine

Jeff Amerine

Managing Director & Founder, Startup Junkie Consulting

  • lean canvas processes
  • customer discovery
  • building company culture / leadership
  • venture finance
  • risk management
  • technology licensing and IP strategy
  • selling to large enterprises
Robyn Welch

Robyn Welch

Certified Public Accountant
  •    Financial reports 
  •    Accounting system setup
  •    Budgeting 
  •    Tax advice



Venture Mentor Service

2021 Pilot Program

The Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) program at the University of Arkansas is an initiative that provides innovators and entrepreneurs access to experienced mentors to accelerate and support commercialization and entrepreneurship in a scalable manner. This free, confidential, and virtual service is modeled after the 20-year-old MIT Venture Mentoring Service program and incorporates proven principles and methodologies to develop a mentoring program which delivers business guidance in a trusted environment.

How it works

U of A VMS is principled and trained by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, a team-based approach to mentorship. The program will consist of volunteer mentors, who are overseen and supported in their mentoring role by the OEI team. Mentors referred to the program will be carefully selected based on their expertise. U of A VMS Mentors will be matched to a venture team based on the needs of the entrepreneur as well as the interest and skill set of the mentors.