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The Pathfinders Innovative Leadership Program, in collaboration with the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, invites students from all majors and colleges to join our community of innovators.

This 10-week program builds your innovative leadership skills through activity-based training, with students applying these skills in event planning and fundraising projects.

Core Activities:

  • Leadership in Action: Gain hands-on leadership experience, build confidence, and develop skills that will serve you throughout your career and life.
  • Innovative Workshops: Our activity-based workshops are designed to challenge your limits and enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Network of Innovators: Connect with like-minded peers and mentors who share your passion for innovation and leadership.
  • Event Planning & Execution: Take the lead in organizing events that make a difference. From conception to execution, experience the thrill of bringing impactful projects to life.
  • Impactful Fundraising: Gain experience fundraising for real-world initiatives. Collaborate with local businesses and community organizations.


Ready to start your journey with Pathfinders? We welcome the curious, the motivated, and the visionary.



First Meeting Details:

Monday, February 12, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM @ McMillon Innovation Studio (Harmon Garage)

*Enjoy complimentary food and meet your fellow Pathfinders!

Pathfinders 2023 group photo       Pathfinders Frost Fest