Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Microcertificate

Are you an undergraduate with innovative ideas and dreams of launching your own business someday? Our Microcertificate in Entrepreneurship is the perfect starting point for you to take your first steps into the world of entrepreneurship and build the toolkit you need to bring your ideas to life, even if you’re just getting started.

This program is tailored for undergraduate students who may have a seed of an idea, even if it's in its infancy. Even if you are worried your idea isn’t good enough, you’ll learn how to evaluate and pivot to a better business model. No prior business experience required!

This microcertificate consists of three 3-hour courses, spread over at least two semesters. In these courses, you'll uncover the secrets of the Lean Canvas methodology, Customer Discovery, and research techniques to validate your ideas and prepare for the next steps. You'll be working on your own real-world problems, finding solutions, and crafting business models.

Starting in the spring with the Start Up Toolkit course, you'll dive into the Lean Canvas methodology, helping you discover a unique value proposition and a viable solution for your project and teaching you how to gain initial buy-in for your idea.

By the end of this microcertificate, you'll be well-prepared to pitch your business to potential investors or compete in business pitch competitions. It's all about taking your ideas from the classroom and putting them into action in the world.

For more information or to get instructor approval for the Startup Toolkit course, email Phil Shellhammer at phils@uark.edu.

Required Courses 6
SEVI 3303 Startup Toolkit (Typically offered Spring)  
SEVI 4303 Venture Builders (Typically offered Fall)  
Electives--select any course from the following 3
SEVI 3673 Social Entrepreneurship (Prerequisite: Junior standing. Typically offered Fall and Spring)
SEVI 4433 Small Enterprise Management (Prerequisite: SEVI 3933. Typically offered Spring)
SEVI 4543 Students Acquiring Knowledge Through Enterprise (S.A.K.E.) Product Innovation Lab (Prerequisite: Junior standing. Typically offered Fall and Spring)
SEVI 4583 International Management (Typically offered Fall and Spring)  
SEVI 4993 Entrepreneurship Practicum (Typically offered Fall, Spring and Summer)
MGMT 4253 Leadership (Prerequisite: MGMT 2103 or MGMT 3563. Typically offered Fall and Spring)  


Organizational Innovation Undergraduate Microcertificate

The Organizational Innovation Undergraduate Microcertificate is designed to help further develop organizational innovation leaders through an undergraduate, practicum-based program in human-centered design, product management, and organizational innovation, leveraging the programs of the McMillon Innovation Studio. 


The Organizational Innovation Undergraduate Microcertificate requires 9 credit hours that may also be used to fulfill the requirements for an undergraduate degree. The specific requirements are listed below, see an adviser for course selection.

Required Courses 6
SEVI 3233 Corporate Innovation I  
SEVI 4233 Corportate Innovation II  
Electives--select any course from the following 3
BUSI 330V Walton College Study Abroad
SEVI 310V Entrepreneurship Internship  

*Note: BUSI 330V credit allowed with Program Director approval only.

Additional Opportunities


Historically known as Students Acquiring Knowledge through Enterprise (S.A.K.E.), this program allows students to manage a business. Branded as ForeverRed, this student-managed business specializes in high quality diploma frames and custom rubbings from the iconic U of A Senior Walk.

The entire supply chain from order through product delivery is managed by U of A students and alumni.

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