Innovate 2 Lead

Innovate 2 LeadWhat it is

Innovate 2 Lead is a highly experiential program focused on helping you, your team, or your organization spark innovative leadership through the power of entrepreneurship, empathy, and imagination.

How it works

Each session is strategically designed to aid participants in developing an agile mindset as it relates to business, people, products, and services. Our five-module learning experiences are built around the concepts of human-centered design and enhanced by the presence of intentionally embedded diverse contributors. In real time, you will not only step outside of your comfort zone, but you will wrestle with complexities that you, your team, or your organization are currently facing. Throughout the program, you will be building upon leadership competencies such as: creativity, intellectual curiosity, empathy, agility, multi-dimensional problem solving, dealing with ambiguity, and radical collaboration.

End Goal

After having a tangible experience with the human-centered design principles, participants are equipped to envision the ways that this new method of working could support efforts to solve complex personal, team, or organizational problems.

Participants will walk away with new approaches to problem solving and an awareness of common behaviors and attitudes that accelerate entrepreneurial spirit, leadership ability, and innovation.

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