University of Arkansas

Walton College

The Sam M. Walton College of Business

Management Degree with Entrepreneurship Concentration

Undergraduate students seeking management degrees may take courses as a part of the Entrepreneurship concentration. Students complete three required courses as well as two electives.

Required Courses

Entrepreneurship/New Venture Development (MGMT 3933)

This course analyzes the role of the entrepreneur in starting up new businesses. Students will learn how to best identify new venture opportunities and evaluate their feasibility.

Small Enterprise Management (MGMT 4433)

This course emphasizes the application of management knowledge in small enterprise management. Students will consider small enterprise opportunities and issues, emphasizing innovation, management planning and control, financing, marketing and legal requirements.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility (MGMT 4243)

This course offers a comprehensive and critical examination of traditional and current ethical theories and approaches that guide business decision-making, ethical issues that affect business decisions, and ethics related to the various business disciplines.

Additional Opportunities


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Elective Courses

Select six hours from the following courses.

3743 Human Resource Management (Fa, Sp) Study of the human resource management function in the legal and organizational environment designed to benefit general human resource management and human resource specialists; emphasis given to development and administration of methods and policies within the legal context of contemporary human resource management. Prerequisite: MGMT 3563.

4403 Total Quality Management (Sp) The management of quality as an organization-wide process, beginning with strong leadership by top management. Also includes strategic quality planning, employee empowerment, customer orientation, and data-based decision making. Competencies in these and other quality dimensions are developed in this course. Prerequisites: MGMT 3563 and upper-division standing.

3613 Managerial Uses of Accounting Information (Fa, Sp,) Use of accounting information for managerial decisions in a changing, global environment. Identifying the specific information needs of managerial decisions, focusing on the role of both financial and non-financial accounting information within the context of a continually changing information systems technology. Covers business as well as non-profit and governmental organizations. Prerequisites: ACCT 2013, 2023 and CISQ 1121L, 2232 or equivalent courses each with grade of "C" or better.

4933 Retail Marketing Strategy (Fa, Sp, Su) Concentrates on planning to meet the objectives and satisfy the retail marketing concept. Attention is devoted to the retail strategy process, institutions of retailing, consumer behavior, retailing research, selection of a store location, the retail organizational structure, merchandise planning and management, communication with the customer, pricing, planning for service retailers, integrating and controlling the retailing strategy, and retailing trends. Prerequisite: MKTT 3433.