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Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Ever thought about being part of something new?  Whether you’re interested in creating your own company, working for a startup, taking a greater role in an established company, or founding or being part of a non-profit, the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you become successful in these ventures.  

Open to all graduate students from any discipline

For the past decade, the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program has been educating business and non-business students on the core aspects of entrepreneurship, providing them with the foundation they need to start successful commercial or non-commercial enterprises, create and promote new products and processes, engage in social entrepreneurship, and serve as leaders and thought generators in existing organizations.

Students who participate in the program do not view it as merely a school project; instead, they see it as preparation for life. The skills that students have learned have proven invaluable in their careers with established companies. However, the greatest pride of the program lies with the many successful student-founded companies that have resulted from the program.

The program is open to all graduate students from any discipline. Students in non-business, STEM fields are encouraged to participate. The meshing of students with science, engineering, medical, accounting, marketing, and legal backgrounds accounts for the formation of unique teams with diverse backgrounds. These backgrounds and experiences allow the team to leverage their expertise when generating ideas for a business or non-profit and competing in business plan competitions.

Requirement: You must be a University of Arkansas graduate student in good standing with the graduate school.



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Outline of Course Content

To receive the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, students must complete 12 credit hours, including 9 required credit hours from the Walton College of Business and 3 elective credit hours as outlined below. Students should meet with their degree program advisor to determine how certificate courses count towards their major M.S., M.A., or Ph.D. program.

Required Courses

MGMT 5213 Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs (Non-Business Only - Sp) 3
MGMT 5323 New Venture Development I (Fall) 3
MGMT 5313 Strategic Management for Entrepreneurs (Business Only-Jan Intercession) 3
MGMT 5413 New Venture Development II (Spring) 3

Elective courses

Electives may be taken at any point during the graduate career and must be courses related to entrepreneurship. These courses may be offered by the Walton College of Business or by any other college at the University of Arkansas. Options are available in, but are not limited to the following disciplines:

  • AGEC
  • ARTS
  • BENG
  • COMM
  • FINN
  • HESC
  • INEG
  • JOUR
  • KINS
  • MBAD
  • MEPH
  • MGMT
  • MKTG
  • RECR.

See the following list for approved elective courses, or contact Deb Williams to discuss approval for elective options.

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences

  • AGEC 5113 Agricultural Marketing Analysis
  • AGEC 5143 Financial Management in Agriculture
  • AGEC 5413 Agribusiness Strategy
  • BENG 5713 Food Product and Process Development (joint with College of Engineering)
  • HESC 4463 Administration and Evaluation of Child Development Programs
  • HESC 4903 Recent Advances in Manufacturing and Merchandising

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

  • ARTS 493V Fine Arts Gallery Internship
  • ARTS 494V Graphic Design Internship
  • COMM 5403 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 5423 Seminar in Mass Media Cognition
  • JOUR 5063 Issues in Advertising and Public Relations
  • JOUR 5323 Documentary Production I Walton College of Business

Sam M. Walton College of Business

  • FINN 636V Special Topics in Finance: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MBAD 535V Internship
  • MGMT 5993 Entrepreneurship Practicum
  • MGMT 5363 Innovation and Creativity
  • MKTG 5433 Consumer and Market Research
  • MKTG 5553 Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior College of Education and Health Professions

College of Education and Health Professions

  • HKRD 5883 Sports Facilities Management
  • KINS 5473 Administration in Athletic Training
  • RECR 5843 Tourism College of Engineering

College of Engineering

  • INEG 4433 Systems Engineering and Management
  • INEG 4443 Project Management
  • INEG 5423 Engineering in Global Competition
  • INEG 5623 Analysis of Inventory Systems Graduate School
  • MEPH 5383 Research Commercialization and Product Development
  • MEPH 5821 Ethics for Scientists and Engineers
  • MEPH 5831 Proposal Writing and Management
  • MEPH 5253 Emerging Technologies in Industry