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MBA with Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Track of the Walton MBA is designed to teach students to identify and analyze opportunities, develop viable business models, and fund the startup process. The four-course sequence is appropriate for students who want to start their own businesses, for those who want to be involved with new product development in larger organizations, and for those interested in analyzing investment opportunities.

Snapshot of Curriculum

Required Courses

New Venture Development (MGMT 5323)

New Venture Development focuses on the identification and analysis of new venture opportunities and the ways in which entrepreneurs acquire the human and financial resources needed to develop successful businesses. Topics include market analysis, development of products and services, negotiation, developing and executing business plans, and new venture financing. Students are required to complete summer assignments before the course begins in the fall semester. Prerequisite: MGMT 5213 or an undergraduate degree in business or permission of the instructor.

Innovation & Creativity (MGMT 5363)

Innovation & Creativity will provide a framework for developing, assessing and implementing innovations in start-ups and established businesses. The focus is on creative decision making, managing for innovation, strategic analysis of innovations, and implementation of innovations. This course is aimed at entrepreneurs, brand managers, and managers in industries where innovation is a key strategic capability.

Consumer Markets & Research (MKTG 5433)

Consumer and Market Research incorporates modern marketing research methods and analyses applied to consumers, shoppers, and buyers of goods and services sold in competitive retail environments. Attention is given to both quantitative and qualitative methods, analyses, interpretation, and decision making. Prerequisite: MKTG 5103.

New Venture Development II (MGMT 5413)

New Venture Development II is a real world, 10-week project involving hands-on work addressing issues faced by founders and managers of new firms. Corequisite: Instructor consent. Prerequisite: MGMT 5323.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA students should note that classes are held weekly on Monday evenings and are taught using a blended delivery format rather than the online and Saturday face-to-face EMBA format.

In addition, although entrepreneurship coursework does not officially begin until the fall semester, students meet twice during the summer to discuss opportunity identification and the new venture development process.

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